With The Help Of My Teammates And The Staff, Its Been Pretty Easy For Me Starting Camp, Williams Said.

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Ive been close with him for a while, Barker said on Friday at Kentuckys annual Media Day to open fall camp. Seeing him go through that hard time, it hurt not only me but a lot of people, especially (him) losing a family member. For his part, Williams didnt want to go into detail about the death of his younger sister, or the emotional toll its taken on him and those closest to him. Im just moving forward every day, the junior running back said. Its something hard you have to deal with. visit siteIts kind of hard to forget. Williams did get a sliver of good news this week, though. After surgery to repair an elbow he injured twice last season, he was fully cleared for contact on Thursday. Ill be ready to go for the first practice today, so it should be very fun to go out there and do all the things my teammates are doing, said UKs leading returning running back. Just be able to go out there and practice and get back in a rhythm of the game. Its the ebb and flow of football that will help the Monroe, Ga., native find a new normal after the death of his sister. With the help of my teammates and the staff, its been pretty easy for me starting camp, Williams said. Ill be here doing ball and wont be thinking about it as much. Its definitely hard, but with the help of my teammates and school, starting camp, that will help a lot. Two of Williams coaches know firsthand what its like to lean on football after the loss of a family member.

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