According To Reports, The Python Hadswam Up Pipes To Get To The Home.

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AtthapornBoonmakchuayhas lived out what is perhaps every mans worst nightmare, While sitting on the toilet in hisChachoengsaohome,Boonmakchuayfelt something bite him, the Daily Mail reported. When he reached down, he found a snake with its jaw clamped around his penis. Boonmakchuayscreamed for help as he tried to fight off the snake. His wife was able to get him a rope, and he managed to tie the pythons head to the bathroom door Derwin James, FSU’s freshman All-American DB, undergoes ‘minor’ foot surgery – CollegeFootballTalk before collapsing. Boonmakchuaywas rushed to a nearby hospital after suffering substantial blood loss. Emergency crews were able to remove the 11-footpython from the pipes under the toilet. The snake was released back into the wild. According to reports, the python hadswam up pipes to get to the home. Boonmakchuayis currently in stable condition.

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