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The college-focused school is not only expanding its classroom space, but at the same time expanding its program offerings in creative ways, to serve Staten Island students and families looking for education options that, admittedly, may be somewhat “outside the box.” The school, which is located on the Teleport campus off South Avenue, is planning to occupy three floors of the new Corporate Commons 3 (CC3) building in the works, and is planning to expand its elementary school classes, as well as its offerings for middle-school and high school-age students, as well as students with special needs. Lavelle opened in 2009, with 75 students. By the time it celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2019, the school anticipates serving more than 2,000 Staten Island students, of all ages and abilities, under its umbrella of programs. “When we are finished, parents on Staten Island will have a richer array of services than most communities in the United States. . . that’s a WOW,” declared Lavelle Prep President and CEO Ken Baylin. STARTING YOUNG Lavelle classes for grades six through 12 are currently housed on the third floor of the Corporate Commons 2 building, but in September, the school added classes for third-, fourth- and fifth-graders. The elementary-grade students enrolled in what’s called “Lavelle Academy” — after a brief opening glitch — are currently housed in three temporary pre-fabricated buildings on a separate lot on the Teleport campus. Plans call for the classes to be relocated to the new CC3 building when it’s completed, hopefully in 2018, Baylin said. bunion great toeBased upon parent demand, in September the school plans to add eight new third-, fourth- and fifth-grade classes, housed in two new temporary trailers.

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