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But journalist Aarefa Johari notes that Gandhis argument falls apart since Sweden has the worlds most expansive definition of rape, while marital rape isnt even considered a crime in India, where rape survivors are routinely greeted with skepticism and judgment regarding their life choices in police stations, hospitals and courtrooms. The bigger question is why Indias minister for women and child development is treating rape rates as an international competition, Johari writes. We dont need to look at crime statistics to recognize that India has an undeniable rape problem. Like any overwhelmingly patriarchal society, India routinely condones the cultural attitudes that make rape acceptable. Gandhi, according to several people who attended the workshop, said sexual violence simply isnt treated the same way by reporters in other countries. In those [foreign] countries [rape] does not become big news, as their newspapers dont report these cases like we do, Gandhi said, according to The Guardian. We have zero tolerance towards rape and our newspaper will write about it every day. Loveleen Tharmani, a bureau chief who attended the workshop, disputed with Gandhis assessment, saying there were countless rape cases in the Himachal Pradesh state. The minister seemed to be saying that rape is not such a big problem, but I dont really agree, she told The Guardian. It is an everyday matter. its true that the government isnt really doing anything about it, there are so many reported cases still lying in files, and nothing has really been done. The Hindustan Times called on Gandhi not to minimize the extent of the problem in India, which was been a national topic of conversation since a notorious 2012 gang rape in Delhi.

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